Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nokia Lumia 625

Another add up on the Nokia Lumia series is Nokia Lumia 625.It has the largest screen on Nokia windows phone with a display screen of 4.7 inches which is 0.2 inches larger than the display of Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 925 which has 4.5 inches display.The appearence of the phone is consistent with the other devices of Nokia Lumia family.It has a semi transparent shell at the back.These shells are interchangeable with various colour options like black, yellow,white,green and orange. Not only this the user friendly shape of the phone that is rectangular but with rounded edges which gives a very good and soft feel to hold.The face of the phone is predominantly dominated by the large display and below it are the keys to bck,start & search windows. The front camera lens that is of 3.8 MP,light sensors and earpiece is located on the top of the display.The back has the rear camera lens of resolution 5 MP and LED flash. The right side bears the keys for camera,volume control and the power button.The left side does not bear any keys. If we talk about camera which is an essentialfeature,the camera is equipped with features like camera effects,scene selection,white balance, contrast saturation,flash and sharpness among others.It is also loaded with applications like Bing vision,Cinema graph and Smart Cam. Despite of all this the phone responds very unsatisfactory to low light pictures. It also comes with various Nokia Applications such as HERE DRIVE which provides an excellent navigation. The other applications which come loaded are BIG FLIX BOOK MY SHOW COSMOPOLITAN FLIPKART E BOOKS TRIP ADVISOR ZOMATO iT has a good battery power packing as the Operating System and the hardware has been extremely well synchronised for a good performance.It has 8 GB of built in storage and an expandable slot of 64 GB.The volume quality and the sound quality of the phone offers a decent effectiveness.The biggest problem of the phone is its non removable battery. On the overall say the phone is a good budget smart phone loaded with all trendy and upmarket applicatons and a very smart appearence and is marked at the price of Rs19900 to match up with the pockets of indian market

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Samsung Quattro Phone: Review

Samsung: A new market player in the mobile segment as it has captured the market   and the minds of the people. Samsung has launched numerous phones with wide price range and which holds the unique sets of features. Now people are shifting their mind from other competitors to Samsung. Grand, Galaxy and Core were the few examples of the success story in the belt of Samsung. Samsung has kept in mind that every person has a different need and sets of specifications and that’s why they kept innovating things according to the change in the needs of their user.

Talking about innovation Samsung has launched a new phone and named it as Quattro which has a unique combination of features. Talking about the technology in the phone it has Quad Core Processor with 1.2 GHz speed. Camera is of 5 MP AF with high resolution as main camera and they have also provided a VGA camera in as front cam for Video Calling and it fits the situation and the purpose. Its dual SIM phone with a battery of 2000m AH which gives an ample power to talk with the loved ones. The screen of the phone is 118.3mm WVGA TFT which provides the user to use the applications of the phone. This phone has also cover the problems that were arouse in previous model of the Samsung phone like this phone doesn’t hang while in use unlike the other ones
While talking about the overall performance and working of the phone, it gives an ease and friendly touch pad to the user’s. It has android platform so that users can download applications for their choices. It costs Rs 18,365/- only and the features provided in this phone justifies the cost of this model.
So in short it’s worth giving a shot.

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